Grace Upon Grace: The Gospel of John Scripture Writing Plan Pt 8 Weeks 36-40

Week 36: John 19:1-30 Monday- John 19:1-6 Tuesday- John 19:7-12 Wednesday- John 19:13-18 Thursday- John 19:19-24 Friday- John 19:25-30 Week 37: John 19: 31-42 Monday- John 19:31-33 Tuesday- John 19:34-36 Wednesday- John 19:37-38 Thursday- John 19:39-40 Friday- John 19:41-42 Week 38: John 20:1-18 Monday- John 20:1-4 Tuesday- John 20:5-8 Wednesday- John 20:9-12 Thursday- John 20:13-15…… Continue reading Grace Upon Grace: The Gospel of John Scripture Writing Plan Pt 8 Weeks 36-40

October Reading Plan

Hey ya’ll so we’re 29 days into our 90 day tour! How are you enjoying it so far? So far, we’ve explored Creation and the beginning, what the bible has to say about our sin and our rebellion… I know it’s been pretty somber but I promise it gets better as we continue. During this…… Continue reading October Reading Plan

Just what we need

Three years ago, my husband and I had been engaged for four months and we didn’t have much. I can remember combing over our budget for our wedding and thinking about what we can cut and what we didn’t need. I remember being STRESSED out. I also remember being at work super early and sitting…… Continue reading Just what we need

September’s Reading Plan

Good morning!!! Today is the big day! Today we start our 90 Day Tour through the Bible. Along with following this plan I thought it would be cool to do the SOAP method. What is the SOAP method? Scripture- what passage are you reading? Observation- In reading the passage what do you see? Application- how…… Continue reading September’s Reading Plan

An Open Conversation

This morning as I sat down with my bible, a clean page from my journal and an open heart, I began to have this open conversation with the Lord. The conversation was very honest and some would view me differently. I received my answer,as always, right from God’s word. When I started this blog I…… Continue reading An Open Conversation