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December Scripture Writing Challenge- Jesus Messiah

Good Morning everyone!!!!! This was supposed to be posted a couple of days ago, but the weekend got away from me. We’ve finished up our 90 day tour through scripture and now we’re preparing for the Christmas season. Christmas is my favorite time of year, not because I get to spend a lot time with family or show love to my family through gift giving, but because I get to reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ. I get to reflect on what that means for me and what that means for everyone. So to prepare for Christmas we have some passages that we are going to go through. The Scripture writing challenge is simple for 5 minutes a day, You read the bible passage, write it out and reflect on it throughout the day. So today we’re looking at December 3rd. Let’s read, write and Reflect!!!! Have a great day everyone!!

December 1- Galatians 4:4-5

December 2- Isaiah 7:14

December 3- Malachi 4:5

December 4- Luke 1:45-49

December 5- Malachi 4:6

December 6- Genesis 15

December 7- Genesis 22:18

December 8- Jeremiah 23:5

December 9- Micah 5:2

December 10- Judges 13:22

December 11- Isaiah 25:9

December 12- Isaiah 60:6

December 13- Hosea 11:1

December 14- Isaiah 49:7

December 15- Psalms 119:99-100

December 16- Isaiah 40:3

December 17- Isaiah 25:5

December 18- Isaiah 91:1

December 19- Isaiah 6:5

December 20- Isaiah 40:11

December 21 – Psalms 34:11

December 22- Matt 20:17-19

December 23- Isaiah 53:8-10

December 24- Zechariah 12:10

December 25- Psalms 16:10







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May 2018

I Am Woman Scripture Writing Challenge May 2018

Week One

May 1- Colossians 2:10

May2- Proverbs 31:10

May 3- Proverbs 31:11

May 4- Proverbs 31: 12

May 5-Joshua 1:9

May 6-Proverbs 31:13

May 7- Proverbs 31:14

Week Two

May 8- Psalms 139:14

May 9- Proverbs 31:15

May 10- Proverbs 31:16

May 11- Luke 1:45

May 12- Proverbs 31:17

May 13- Proverbs 31: 18

May 14- Proverbs 31: 19

Week Three

May 15- Psalms 46:5

May 16- Proverbs 31:20

May 17- Proverbs 31:21

May 18- Proverbs 31:22

May 19- Proverbs 11:16

May 20- Proverbs 31:23

May 21- Proverbs 31:24

Week Four

May 22-Proverbs 31:25

May 23-Psalm 28:7

May 24-Proverbs 31:26

May 25- Proverbs 31:27

May 26- 1 Corinthians 15:10

May 27- Proverbs 31:28

May 28- Proverbs 31: 29

Week Five

May 29- 1 Peter 3:3-4

May 30- 1 Tim 3:11

May 31- Proverbs 31:30

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The I Am Woman Scripture Writing Challenge

Hey everyone starting on the May 1st, I’m introducing a challenge that’s new for this blog. About a year ago I came across a blog where a woman was challenging her readers to read their bible everyday- even for just 5 minutes- by writing out passages of scripture! At the time, I was a new mommy to a 3 month old baby and my quiet time was not consistent. I said WOW this would be perfect for me.

Now fast forward 10 months later and I want to encourage my readers to do the SAME thing. God’s Word is SO important and we should read it EVERYDAY! This is how we learn what God’s purpose for us and how He wants us to live!!!!

I thought it would be fitting to start with looking at the Proverbs 31 Woman because Mother’s Day is in May!

Everyday I will post the verse of the day and a blog about it. We will write it out and ponder on it through the day!!! Will you join me on this journey? I hope you will!!!!! Good day everyone!!!