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My Skincare regimen and how I use basic things from kitchen cabinet to take care of skin

Hello good people!!! Today I wanted to share some basic things I do to take care of my skin. As always there’s a background story to what I’m about to share…. ALL MY LIFE (really since puberty) I’ve struggled with acne and I also have very sensitive skin. Everything breaks me out! Over the years things have gotten better in some ways and worst in other ways. After having son, I’ve noticed my skin and hair are not the same (I’ll talk about my hair journey on another day today we’re talking about the skin!!!)Recently I’ve noticed that my breakouts were more severe and my face was dry. I talked to my mom and she gave me some advice and then I started researching  ways to take care of my skin naturally.  After much research on the properties of different oils and how they help your skin I decided to try some things out. Olive oil is the best carrier oil to use in anything from hair-care to skincare the benefits are AMAZING. I’ll get into the benefits in just a bit for now I will tell you what I’ve been using.

Twice a month (beginning and middle of each month), I use a lemon and honey face mask which brightens the skin naturally and gives it a natural glow.  For this mask you need 4 teaspoons of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of honey.  I apply the mask on my face and leave on for 15 minutes. I then rinse my face with warm water and continue with my skincare regimen.

For my facial wash I use two thing a black soap from a company called yes to tomatoes. The soap is really great, but it dries my face out,  so I couple it with an honey and olive oil face wash. For the honey and olive oil face wash you need  1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of olive oil mixed together. I leave the face wash on for a couple of minutes. Next, I take a hot(not super hot) facecloth and put it on my face. When the facecloth is cool I  wipe my face and repeat this 2 more times. I use my face wash twice a day.

Olive oil  helps to nourish and clean the skin. It is infused with nutrients and antioxidants like vitamin A and E. It penetrates the skin moisturizing it and protects it as well. Honey has  antibacterial properties in it that help to fight acne and pimples. Honey also retains moisture.  Honey rejuvenates the skin and keep it looking young and fresh. Honey slows down the ageing process and prevents wrinkles.

After applying my face wash, I use an olive oil and castor oil acne scar treatment moisturizer. For this treatment you need 2 teaspoons of olive oil and 1/2 teaspoon of castor oil. After blending the two oils together I apply it to my face and leave it on for 5 minutes. I then rinse with warm water.

I already listed the benefits of olive oil, but castor is just as beneficial for your skin. Castor oil works to restore and rejuvenate the skin while acting as a conditioner. I also use this treatment twice a day.

After the scar treatment, I use just olive oil as moisturizer. I apply this at night before bed! Since changing my regimen my skin is not as dry and I can see the benefits of using natural products on my skin.

What do you think?????

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The Names of God Scripture Writing Plan Pt 1

From Old To New Testament

  • Monday: God is Creator- Genesis 1:1; 17:7
  • Tuesday: The Self-Existent One- Genesis 2:4 The Breath of Life- Genesis 2:7
  • Wednesday:
  • Thursday: The Most High God- Genesis 14:17-20
  • Friday: The Lord over all- Genesis 15:2
week 2
  • Monday: The Lord is our righteousness- Genesis 15:6
  • Tuesday: The One who sees me- Genesis 16:13
  • Wednesday: God Almighty- Genesis 17:1
  • Thursday: The Lord will Provide- Genesis 22:13-14
  • Friday: The Lord who is Present- Genesis 28:15
  • Monday: The Lord our Healer- Exodus 15:26
  • Tuesday: The Lord our Banner- Exodus 17:15
  • Wednesday: The Lord is Peace- Judges 6:24
  • Thursday: God of knowledge- 1 Samuel 2:3
  • Friday: The Lord is my Shepherd- Psalm 23
week 4
  • Monday: The Lord of Hosts- Isaiah 6:1-3
  • Tuesday: Mighty God- Isaiah 9:6
  • Wednesday: The Holy One of Israel- Isaiah 49:7
  • Thursday: The Everlasting God- Isaiah 40:28-31
  • Friday: The God of Recompense- Jeremiah 51:6

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Grace Upon Grace: The Gospel of John Scripture Writing Plan Pt 8 Weeks 36-40

Week 36: John 19:1-30

Monday- John 19:1-6

Tuesday- John 19:7-12

Wednesday- John 19:13-18

Thursday- John 19:19-24

Friday- John 19:25-30

Week 37: John 19: 31-42

Monday- John 19:31-33

Tuesday- John 19:34-36

Wednesday- John 19:37-38

Thursday- John 19:39-40

Friday- John 19:41-42

Week 38: John 20:1-18

Monday- John 20:1-4

Tuesday- John 20:5-8

Wednesday- John 20:9-12

Thursday- John 20:13-15

Friday- John 20: 16-18

Week 39: John 20:19-31

Monday- John 20:19-21

Tuesday- John 20:22-24

Wednesday- John 20:25-27

Thursday- John 20:28-29

Friday- John 20:30-31

Week 40: John 21:1-25

Monday- John 21:1-5

Tuesday- John 21:6-10

Wednesday- John 21:11-15

Thursday- John 21:16-20

Friday- John 21:21-25

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Grace Upon Grace: The Gospel of John Scripture Writing Plan Pt. 7 Weeks 31-35

Week 31: John 14:1-31

Monday- John 14:1-6

Tuesday- John 14:7-12

Wednesday- John 14:13-18

Thursday- John 14:19-24

Friday- John 14:25-31

Week 32: John 15:1-27

Monday- John 15:1-5

Tuesday: John 15:6-10

Wednesday- John 15:11-15

Thursday- John 15:16-20

Friday- John 15:21-27

Week 33: John 16:1-33

Monday- John 16:1-7

Tuesday- John 16:8-14

Wednesday- John 16:15-21

Thursday- John 16:22-27

Friday- John 16:28-33

Week 34: John 17:1-26

Monday- John 17:1-5

Tuesday- John 17:6-10

Wednesday- John 17:11-15

Thursday- John 17:16-20

Friday- John 17:21-26

Week 35: John 18:1-40

Monday- John 18:1-8

Tuesday- John 18:9-16

Wednesday- John 18:17-24

Thursday- John 18:25-32

Friday- John 18:33-40

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Grace Upon Grace: The Gospel of John Scripture Writing Plan Pt 6 Weeks 26-30

Week 26: John 11:45-57

Monday- John 11:45-47

Tuesday: John11:48- 50

Wednesday- John 11:51-53

Thursday- John 11:54-55

Friday- John 11:56-57

Week 27:Catch up Week

Week 28: John 12:1-26

Monday- John 12:1-6

Tuesday- John 12:7-11

Wednesday- John 12:12-16

Thursday- John 12:17-21

Friday- John 12:22-26

Week 29: John 12:27-50

Monday- John 12:27-31

Tuesday- John 12:32-36

Wednesday- John 12:37-41

Thursday- John 12: 42-46

Friday- John 12:47-50

Week 30: John 13:1-38

Monday- John 13:1-8

Tuesday- John 13:9-16

Wednesday- John 13:17-24

Thursday- John 13:25-32

Friday- John 13:33-38

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Grace Upon Grace: The Gospel of John Scripture Writing Plan Pt: 5 Weeks 21-25

Week 21: John 9:21-41

Monday- John 9:21-24

Tuesday- John 9:25-28

Wednesday- John 9:29-32

Thursday- John 9:33-36

Friday- John 9:37-41

Week 22: John 10:1-21

Monday- John 10:1-4

Tuesday- John 10:5-8

Wednesday- John 10:9-12

Thursday- John 10:13-16

Friday- John 10:27-21

Week 23: John 10:22-42

Monday- John 10:22-25

Tuesday- John 10:26-29

Wednesday- John 10:30-33

Thursday- John 10:34-37

Friday- John 10:38-42

Week 24: John 11:1-27

Monday- John 11:1-6

Tuesday- John 11:7-12

Wednesday-John 11:13-17

Thursday- John 11:18-22

Friday- John 11:23-27

Week 25: John 11:28-44

Monday- John 11:28-31

Tuesday- John 11:32-35

Wednesday- John 11:36-38

Thursday- John 11:39-41

Friday- John 11:42-44

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Grace Upon Grace: The Gospel of John Scripture Writing Plan Pt 4: Weeks 16-20

Week 16: John 7:25-39

Monday- John 7:25-27

Tuesday- John 7:28-30

Wednesday- John 7:31-33

Thursday- John 7:34-36

Friday- John 7:37-39

Week 17: John 7:40-8:11

Monday- John 7:40-44

Tuesday- John 7:45-49

Wednesday- John 7:50-8:1

Thursday- John 8:2-6

Friday- John 8:7-11

Week 18: John 8:12-30

Monday- John 8:12-15

Tuesday- John 8:16-19

Wednesday- John 8:20-23

Thursday- John 8:24-27

Friday- John 8:28-30

Week 19: John 8:31-59

Monday- John 8:31-36

Tuesday- John 8:37-42

Wednesday- John 8:43-48

Thursday- John 8:49-54

Friday- John 8:55-59

Week 20: John 9:1-20

Monday- John 9:1-4

Tuesday- John 9:5-8

Wednesday- John 9:9-12

Thursday- John 9: 13-16

Friday- John 9:17-20

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Grace Upon Grace:The Gospel Of John Scripture Writing Plan Pt 3- Week 11-15

John Study Plan

Week 11: John 6:1-21

Monday- John 6:1-4

Tuesday- John 6:5-8

Wednesday- John 6:9-12

Thursday- John 6:13-16

Friday- John 6:17-21

Week 12: John 6:22-40

Monday- John 6:22-26

Tuesday- John 6:27-30

Wednesday- John 6:31-33

Thursday- John 6:34-37

Friday- John 6: 38-40

Week 13: John 6:41-59

Monday- John 6:41-44

Tuesday- John 6:45-48

Wednesday- John 6:49-52

Thursday- John 6:53-56

Friday- John 6:57-59

Week 14: John 6:60-71

Monday- John 6:60-62

Tuesday- John 6:63-64

Wednesday- John 6:65-66

Thursday- John 6:67-69

Friday- John 6:70-71

Week 15: John 7:1-24

Monday- John 7:1-5

Tuesday- John 7:6-10

Wednesday- John 7:11-15

Thursday- John 7:16-20

Friday- John 7:21-24

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Hello 32 it’s nice to meet you!

How did I wake up and welcome my 32nd birthday?!! The year is passing by fast and I am aging gracefully….. Can I be just a little transparent with y’all? Every year around my birthday I go through a bit of an internal crisis where I’m going through oh my goodness I’m going to be such and such what have I done with my life?! This year was no different. On September 22nd I sat at my dining room table and cried my eyes out and my husband just listened as I cried about how I felt like a piece of me was lost in the tasks of what I do for everyone else and I no longer recognize myself and I haven’t accomplished much!!! My husband just let me cry and it was full out breakdown, I mean the kind of cry that leads to hyperventilation. He didn’t say much except “I am sorry” coupled with hugging. Last night, at youth He spoke to the youth but it was as if he was finishing our conversation. What I heard was “Tristin, remember Jesus has to completely satisfy you because nothing else in this life will.” He talked about when “Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.” John 6:35 ESV
My breakdown on Tuesday was really about not being satisfied- that was the issue. Every year I make a goal and it doesn’t really change- it just gets a little more intentional. This year I want to be satisfied in Christ alone. I believe in Him and He is Lord of my life so I want to take in the promise I will not be hungry neither will I thirst again! I want to be CONTENT in whatever season I am- right now that is found in throws of motherhood and being a support to my husband while being intentional with others (this will never change- I will always be wife and mother). In whatever season may Jesus be my bread!!! Hello 32 it is so NICE to meet you! #thisis32

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Grace Upon Grace:The Gospel Of John Scripture Writing Plan Pt 2- Weeks 6-10

John Study Plan

Week 6- John 4:1-18

Monday- John 4:1-4

Tuesday- John 4:5-8

Wednesday- John 4:9-12

Thursday- John 4:13-15

Friday- John 4:16-18

Week 7- John 4:19-36

Monday- John 4:19-22

Tuesday- John 4:23-26

Wednesday- John 4:27-30

Thursday- John 4:31-33

Friday- John 4:34-36

Week 8- John 4:37-54

Monday- John 4:37-40

Tuesday- John 4:41-44

Wednesday- John 4:45-48

Thursday- John 4:49-51

Friday- John 4:52-54

Week 9: John 5:1-29

Monday- John 5:1-6

Tuesday- John 5:7-12

Wednesday- John 5:13-18

Thursday- John 5:19-24

Friday- John 5:25-29

Week 10: John 5:30-47

Monday- John 5:30-33

Tuesday- John 5:34-36

Wednesday- John 5:37-39

Thursday- John 5:40-43

Friday- John 5:44-47