The Names of God Scripture Writing Plan Pt 2

Week 5

Monday- Anointed One Psalm 2:2

Tuesday- Governor Psalm 22:28

Wednesday- King of Glory Psalm 24:10

Thursday- Hiding Place Psalm 32:7

Friday- Guide Psalm 48:14

Week 6

Monday- Portion Psalm 73:26

Tuesday- Dwelling place Psalm 90:1

Wednesday- Maker 95:6

Thursday Keeper; Shade Psalm 121:5

Friday The One; Lovingkindness; Goodness Psalm 144:2

Week 7

Monday- Strong Tower Proverbs 18:10

Tuesday-Immanuel Isaiah 7:14

Wednesday- Most Upright Isaiah 26:7

Thursday- Cornerstone Isaiah 28:16

Friday- Lawgiver Isaiah 33:22

Week 8

Monday- Chosen One Isaiah 42:1

Tuesday- Man of Sorrows Isaiah 53:3

Wednesday- Witness Isaiah 55:4

Thursday- Mighty One Isaiah 60:16

Friday- Merciful God Jeremiah 3:12

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