Who’s the boss????? Day 1 Reflections

And you have been filled by him, who is the head over every ruler and authority.”

As I ponder this verse today, I had to go back a couple of verses to understand what is going on in this verse. There is a lot going on too!!!! Paul the author of this letter to the church in Laodicea is writing to refute some things because there is a lot of bad teaching going on. Gnosticism- the idea “a great mass of elaborate knowledge was necessary for salvation” – was prevalent and Paul wanted to encourage believers that the fullness of God was entirely in Christ and that He has complete authority over all. In this verse, I find that word “filled” translates to the word “complete”. In fact other translations use the word “complete”. In the verses that come before Colossians 2:10, Paul is basically saying hey forget about all the knowledge and worldly wisdom that others are giving you. Remember that the fullness of God is in Christ- this verse- and you are MADE complete in Christ and He is the Boss!

What I love most about Scripture is that it is God breathed and inspired by Him. He used men to write His words!!! So just like the Church in Colossae had something to learn back then, I have something to learn from this verse too. Truth bomb for you all- just like the believers in Laodicea- I struggle immensely with letting the wisdom of the world affect how I make decisions. It affects the kind of wife I am to my husband and the kind of mother I am to my son. I find myself trying to step outside of my priorities as wife and mom do other things and RIGHT now my priority is to my family. This verse encourages me to remember nothing else completes me but Christ. He is my boss- the Lord of my life. I fail every time without him ruling over every aspect of my life. The question that has to echo throughout the day is “Tristin, who’s the boss? Is it You? Is it (fill in the blank) or is it Christ himself? I want the answer to be Christ at any given moment.

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