Right where I need to be

So this morning I’m so encouraged! Last night at prayer and worship service I shared how I’m struggling with being a mom and wife and i can look at things selfishly at times. My brothers and sisters in Christ prayed with me. My husband and I talked some more and he encouraged me. This morning as KenMic and I were eating breakfast I said something about his nose and he started to point at his nose. It’s something minor to everyone else but to me that was EVERYTHING! I get so caught up in thinking about how i need to be doing more outside of my home. Today watching my little boy point at his nose affirmed that I’m right where I need to be. I may not be SUPER MOM but I’m what my family needs. Hearing my husband say hey this family doesn’t function without you was encouraging. Being able to be transparent about my struggle as a mom and wife with those who I know would pray for me was encouraging. Crying out to the Lord myself and seeing him answer in such a timely way is encouraging!

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